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25/06/2019 - EFRAG Board President and Vice-President reappointed by the EFRAG General Assembly

​Following the recommendation from the European Commission, the EFRAG General Assembly has reappointed Jean-Paul Gauzès and Andreas Barckow as Board President and Vice President respectively.​

​The European Commission, after consulting with the Council and the European Parliament, reappointed Jean-Paul Gauzès as EFRAG Board President for a second three-year term beginning on 1 July 2019. He will also continue his work as Chair of the European Lab Steering Group.

Jean Paul Gauzès is a French lawyer. As an MEP from 2004 until 2014, he was a member of ECON Committee (Economic and Monetary Affairs) and later the ECON coordinator for the European People’s Party.

The EFRAG General Assembly also reappointed Andreas Barckow as EFRAG Board Vice- President.

You may find the detailed press release here​​​.​​