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15/10/2020 - EFRAG EFFAS ABAF/BVFA IASB Joint online outreach event - Business combinations, disclosures, goodwill and impairment: what are the views of the investment community? – 12 November 2020

​EFRAG, with EFFAS, ABAF/BVFA and the IFRS Foundation invite you to a joint outreach event on Thursday 12 November 2020 to consider the views of users on the IASB’s Discussion Paper Business Combinations—Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment. Register now​.

​The IASB DP proposes that a company would have to disclose information about its objectives and targets for an acquisition and, in subsequent periods, information about how that acquisition is performing against those targets. 

This joint outreach event will focus on the views of European investment decision-makers and information that they consider important in this area. 

The audience will be able to contribute to the discussion through polling questions and Q&A sessions.
Event Format 

This event will be a public online webinar with eminent speakers from the IASB, ABAF/BVFA, EFFAS and EFRAG, and a panel of investment professionals including the following: 
  • Nick Anderson (IASB Board member)
  • Hans Buysse (EFRAG Vice-President, Chairman of ABAF/BVFA and Treasurer of EFFAS)
  • Chiara del Prete (EFRAG TEG Chairwoman)
  • Serge Pattyn (EFRAG User Panel, ABAF/BVFA, EFFAS CFR)
We will soon inform you about the panellists that will bring the views of the investor community to the discussion and other details.

Please register and watch the webinar here​.

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Download the Save the Date here​.​​​