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16/06/2020 - REMINDER | EFRAG Online Joint Outreach Event: Changing the Income Statement – Norwegian Perspectives | 17/06/20

Tomorrow d​o not miss our public webinar discussing the new shape of primary financial statements with the Norwegian Accounting Standards Board, the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts and the IASB. Register now!

With Norsk RegnskapsStiftelse (Norwegian Accounting Standards Board - NASB), the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (NFF), and the IASB, EFRAG invites you to a webinar on the IASB Exposure Draft General Presentation and Disclosures

Issues relevant to Norwegian stakeholders will be addressed and views from other constituents will be welcomed to enrich the discussions.

Read the programme ​with high-level speakers participating in our joint webinar 'Changing the Income Statement – Norwegian Perspectives' and register here.​

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