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EFRAG/IASB Webinar - Improving information regarding business combinations and subsequent accounting for goodwill – which way to go?


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  Opening and welcome 10:00 10:10 Chiara Del Prete, Martin Edelmann Bios and photos.pdf
PROGRAMME 16 10 20 EFRAG IASB Joint Webinar Business Combinations - Disclosures Goodwill and Impairment.pdf
EFRAG-IASB joint outreach DP Business combinations 16 October 2020.pdf
  Improving disclosure about Business Combinations 10:10 11:05 Rasmus Sommer, Tim Craig, Panellists
  Improvements to the goodwill impairment test 11:05 12:10 Tim Craig, Kathrin Schoene, Panellists
  Should the reintroduction of amortisation of goodwill be considered? 12:10 12:50 Tim Craig, Chiara Del Prete, Panellists
  Take-aways and closing remarks 12:50 13:00 Chiara Del Prete, Martin Edelmann
  End of webinar 13:00 13:00