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Joint outreach event: Time for a facelift? A new look for the income statement (presentation)


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# Agenda item Start time End time Presenters Documents
  01. Welcome participants 17:00 17:00 Saskia Slomp Programme for 19 May joint Webinar PFS_final updated.pdf
Speakers Bios.pdf
EFRAG-PFS instructions for for audience.pdf
Time for a facelift - General Presentation - 19 May 2020.pdf
Participants list 19 May.pdf
Summary Report - EFRAG EFFAS BVFA-ABAF IASB on PFS - 19-26 May 2020
  02. IASB presentation of the Exposure Draft General Presentation and Disclosure (ED) 17:00 17:15 Nick Anderson, Aida Vatrenjak
  03. EFRAG presentation on EFRAG’s preliminary position on the IASB’s ED 17:15 17:25 Chiara Del Prete
  04. User roundtable Discussion and Q&A 17:25 18:10 Marietta Miemietz, Peter Malmqvist, Stefaan Genoe, Hans Buysse
  05. Take-aways of the User roundtable and close 18:10 18:15 Serge Pattyn