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IFRS & Regulation: Searching for Common Ground



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# Agenda item Start time End time Presenters Documents
  Registration & light lunch 13:00 13:45
  Welcome 13:45 13:50 Jean-Paul Gauzes EFRAG Conference Final Programme 28 November IFRS and Regulation.pdf
Speaker profiles.pdf
Participant list.pdf
  First keynote speech 13:50 14:10 Michel Prada Keynote speech Michel Prada EFRAG conference 28 November 2019.pdf
  Second keynote speech 14:10 14:30 Steven Maijoor Keynote speech Steven Maijoor ESMA at EFRAG conference 191128.pdf
  Setting the scene 14:20 14:30 Pervenche Berès
  Panel discussion: Should IFRS be more rules-based to support enforcement? 14:30 15:45 Alain Deckers, Hans Buysse, Karsten Ganssauge, Araceli Mora, Claes Norberg, Tine Svae
  Coffee break 15:45 16:15
  Setting the scene 16:15 16:25 Chiara Del Prete
  Panel discussion: Should regulators issue implementation rules for principle-based IFRS? 16:25 17:40 Stig Enevoldsen, Fabio Goia, Richard Martin, Darrel Scott, Luca Serafini
  Takeaways from panel discussions 17:40 17:55 Patricia McBride
  Closing remarks 17:55 18:00 Saskia Slomp