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Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting Exposure Draft - Outreach events Autumn 2015


The page reflects events that were held across Europe in Autumn 2015 as outreach in relation to the IASB Exposure Draft Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting.

The feedback statements for each event can be found below.

The purpose of these outreach events is to:


  • stimulate the debate in Europe;
  • obtain input from European Constituents and to understand their main concerns and wishes, in particular from those that may not intend to submit a comment letter to the IASB or EFRAG; and
  • find out whether the preliminary comments as set out in EFRAG's draft comment letter are shared by European constituents.


Locations and dates:

In addition to these events, EFRAG was also represented at the following events on the Conceptual Framework:

  • London, organized by the Financial Reporting Council and the ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty: 3 September 2015; and
  • Frankfurt, organized by the ASCG, the Austrian Financial Reporting and Auditing Committee (AFRAC) and the Swiss GAAP FER Foundation: 14 September 2015.
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