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2010 EFRAG Proactive Agenda consultation


In September 2010 EFRAG launched a public consultation on its proposed work programme for its proactive work in Europe. Françoise Flores, the Chairman of EFRAG commented: "Getting advice on, and directions for, our proactive work from our European constituents is a key step in ensuring that we are responsive to their needs. This public consultation also reflects the high degree of transparency around the way EFRAG operates in serving the European public interest.

EFRAG received 20 comment letters. On 1 December 2010 EFRAG issued a feedback statement on the proactive consultation. Overall respondents were supportive of EFRAG's proactive work and reinforced its importance as one of EFRAG's core activities. EFRAG's proactive work needs to be focused, practical and reach the widest possible audience.

The EFRAG Planning and Resource Committee subsequently agreed to launch a project on understanding users' needs and a project on IFRS in Separate Financial Statements:   
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