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Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity - Replacement of IAS 32 - 2008


IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation provides the relevant guidance for distinguishing between equity instruments and other financial instruments (non-equity instruments). There are criticisms of the requirements in IAS 32.

Specifically, there are concerns about how the principles in IAS 32 should be applied, and whether the application of those principles results in an appropriate distinction between equity and non-equity instruments.

The IASB have set out to improve and simplify IAS 32. In February 2008 a discussion paper was published. 

The IASB began redeliberations in October 2008 but during those redeliberations the IASB, together with FASB, decided to remove the FICE project from its active agenda for the time being to give priority to the main convergence projects.

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