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Variable and contingent consideration


In response to feedback from the 2015 Agenda Consultation, the IASB added a project on variable and contingent consideration to its research pipeline. 

The IASB will determine the scope and objective of this project when it becomes an active project.  

In addition, in August 2018, following the input received from constituents in response to the EFRAG Research Agenda Consultation, the EFRAG Board approved to add a project on variable and contingent consideration to EFRAG’s research agenda.

The aims of the EFRAG's research project are:
  • To identify the accounting issues around variable and contingent consideration
  • To outline the information needs for users of financial statements in regard to variable and contingent considerations based on the objectives of general-purpose financial reporting in the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and consultation with the EFRAG User Panel.
  • To summarise and compare the requirements in IFRS Standards and assess the rationale (or lack thereof) for any differences.
  • To develop a number of accounting alternatives and illustrate their relevant strengths and limitations.
  • To consider improvements in presentation and disclosure

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