European Lab general information

European Lab Steering Group

The European Lab has a multi-stakeholder Steering Group (the European Lab SG) and under its direction, EFRAG establishes project task forces for specific projects (European Lab PTFs).

The European Lab SG is responsible for setting the agenda of the European Lab; appointing the members of the European Lab PTFs; monitoring project implementation; promoting outputs of the European Lab and mobilising networks; giving direction on external communication; and reviewing the progress of the European Lab activities.

European Lab SG Terms of Reference


European Lab PTFs

The European Lab PTFs are responsible for the operation of the projects of the European Lab, including planning, specific issues selection, conducting stakeholder consultative outreach activities, and the project reports and other deliverables, as decided by the PTFs. The PTFs operate under the European Lab PTFs Operating Guidelines.



The activities of the PTFs may include public consultation such as expert meetings, seminars, round table discussions, interviews, surveys and other activities to facilitate engagement and exchange with other stakeholders. The European Lab PTFs decide on the form of consultation and outreaches relevant and appropriate for the public.​