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07/01/2020 - New EFRAG TEG Composition

​The new EFRAG TEG composition has been approved by the EFRAG Board. EFRAG TEG will welcome four new members: Jens Berger, Erlend Kvaal, David Procházka and Christoph Schauerte. Six EFRAG TEG members have been reappointed:  Nicklas Grip (EFRAG TEG Vice-Chair), Ana Rosa Cortez, Geert Ewalts, Emmanuelle Guyomard, Ambrogio Virgilio and Jed Wrigley.

Chiara Del Prete, EFRAG TEG Chairwoman, commented on the new composition:

"On behalf of EFRAG, I would like to thank Günther Gebhardt, Heinz Hense, Søren Kok Olsen, and Andrew Spooner for their excellent contributions to EFRAG TEG over the last years. 

Furthermore, I thank Günther Gebhardt for chairing the EFRAG Academic Panel since its establishment in 2017 and Andrew Spooner for chairing the EFRAG Financial Instruments Working Group since 2016.

I am pleased to welcome four new EFRAG TEG members: Jens Berger, Erlend Kvaal, David Procházka and Christoph Schauerte and in particular appreciate that Jens, Erlend and Christoph will already step-in this month. 

The deep knowledge and expertise of the new EFRAG TEG members will enrich the discussions. The six reappointed members are all highly valued and I greatly appreciate their continued commitment to bring technical advice of the highest quality to the EFRAG Board."

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