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15/10/2020 - Changes to the composition of the EFRAG Board

​Karin Dohm and Andreas Barckow have stepped down from the EFRAG Board. EFRAG welcomes Ricardo Sanchez and Sven Morich as new EFRAG Board members and Hans Buysse as EFRAG Board Vice-President.

In the beginning of September Karin Dohm retired from the EFRAG Board. She was nominated by three banking organisations for one of the banking seats on the Board. At the end of September Andreas Barckow, nominated by the German Standard Setter DRSC stepped down as EFRAG Board member and as EFRAG Board Vice President. 

The EFRAG General Assembly appointed  to the EFRAG Board Ricardo Sanchez  to one of the banking seats and Sven Morich to represent DRSC for the remainder of the mandate. The EFRAG General Assembly appointed for this period Hans Buysse as EFRAG Board Vice-President.

The EFRAG General Assembly extended the mandate of all EFRAG Board members that was to expire on 31 October 2021 by six months to 30 April 2021, to allow the EFRAG Board in its current composition  to finalise the endorsement advice on IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts.

EFRAG Board President Jean-Paul Gauzès said:

I want to thank Karin Dohm for her contribution to EFRAG in particular also as Chair for the last years of the EFRAG Board Audit and Budget Committee. 

I welcome Ricardo Sanchez representing the banking sector and look forward to his contributions.

 I want to express my thanks  to Andreas Barckow for his invaluable contributions to EFRAG, first as EFRAG TEG member and then as EFRAG Board member when he took up his role as DRSC President and as EFRAG Board Vice-President. 

I welcome Sven Morich as new EFRAG Board member and thank him for his contribution as EFRAG TEG Country Liaison member for Germany for nearly six years.

I have very much appreciated that Hans Buysse has accepted to step into the role of EFRAG Board Vice-President and I am convinced that he will be a great support to me till the end of the mandate of the EFRAG Board.”​