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03/05/2019 - EFRAG extends the comment period for its Discussion Paper Non-exchange Transfers: A role for societal benefit?

EFRAG has extended the comment period for its Discussion paper  Non-exchange Transfers ('NETs'): A role for societal benefit?.

The revised deadline for comments is Tuesday 14 May 2019, by close of business.

​The Discussion Paper aims to provide a comprehensive approach and conceptual basis for the recognition of NETs. It explains what factors are usually relevant to the assessment of whether a transfer qualifies as a NET and distinguishes between NETs that impose performance-related conditions, NETs that are linked to an underlying activity, NETs that occur on a recurring basis and other. The DP discusses whether the approach should have symmetrical recognition requirements for cost-generating and income-generating NETs and the role of uncertainty in their recognition.
To download the DP please click here.