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05/04/2018 - 2018 EFRAG Research agenda consultation

​EFRAG is seeking public input on the strategic direction of its Research activities. Constituents' contributions will help to reflect on the future direction of Research on financial reporting.​ Responses should be submitted by 1 June 2018 also by using the online survey here

EFRAG invites all its constituents to reflect on the future direction of Research on financial reporting by responding to its agenda consultation. This is an opportunity to contribute to a fundamental part of EFRAG's work - its Research activities - by sharing your views on which are the most relevant and pressing topics to be addressed.

EFRAG conducted its prior agenda consultation in 2015 at the same time of the IASB agenda consultation. Many of the EFRAG active Research projects will be reaching their final stage in 2018. EFRAG is therefore looking to add new Research projects to its agenda. This consultation seeks views on ways to assess and improve the effectiveness of EFRAG‘s Research activities, as well as new Research topics. We welcome views on any of the points addressed in the consultation document available here.​

According to Jean-Paul Gauzès, EFRAG President "Your input on the EFRAG Research agenda will help to ensure that our work in the next years will be effective and efficient, so that the European voice can be heard clearly. This is an objective that I am sure is shared by all our constituents – preparers, users, accountants and all parties with an interest in better reporting and communication."

EFRAG seeks input from its constituents by 1 June 2018.  To respond electronically, access the web form survey available here.