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01/06/2017 - Have the details of the disclosures brought us too close to the wall to see the wood for the trees: Role of disclosures?

​EFRAG publishes the invitation and agenda for the joint outreach event on the IASB Discussion Paper Disclosure Initiative - Principles of Disclosure  set in Copenhagen on 14 June 2017 (13:30 – 16:30) by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and FSR – Danish Auditors with the participation of EFRAG and the IASB.

​The objective of the event is to introduce the main elements of the IASB Discussion Paper Disclosure Initiative - Principles of Disclosure and seeks input on a number of the key questions in the paper:

  • What are the main causes of the 'disclosure problem'?
  • Can principles make communication more effective?
  • Does it make a difference presenting information separately in the primary financial statements rather than disclosing it aggregated in the primary financial statements and disclose it solely in the notes?
  • What are the pros and cons of disclosure objectives and prescriptive disclosure requirements?
  • How important is the application of materiality when deciding what, how and where to disclose information?

The IASB Discussion Paper will be presented by Senior Technical Manager Mariela Isern and Assistant Technical Manager Arjuna Dangalla and Gary Kabureck, IASB member, will also participate via video conference.

Andrew Watchman, Chairman of EFRAG TEG will give the preliminary European view on the Discussion Paper. The debate will be facilitated by Jan Peter Larsen (FSR) and Kristian Koktvedgaard (DI).

The Discussion Paper also refers to the debate on how to make the disclosure of accounting policies more relevant. In that context, a number of examples identified during the Annual Financial Statement Awards in Denmark will be presented .

The event will be held in English.

A copy of the agenda and information to register can be found here. Registration is requested no later than Thursday 8 June 2017.