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18/12/2019 - Change to the composition of the EFRAG Board

EFRAG says goodbye to Stig Enevoldsen and welcomes Søren Kok Olsen as EFRAG Board member for one of the National Standard Setters seats from 1 January 2020.

On 31 December Stig Enevoldsen will retire from the EFRAG Board. He was nominated by the Danish Standard Setter for a seat for those National Standard Setters not permanently represented on the EFRAG Board. The EFRAG General Assembly appointed Søren Kok Olsen to represent the Danish Standard Setter for the remainder of the mandate till 31 October 2020.

EFRAG Board President Jean-Paul Gauzès said:

”I appreciate the enormous and invaluable contribution Stig Enevoldsen made to EFRAG since its establishment in several roles:  EFRAG TEG member (2001 -2004); EFRAG Chairman (2004- 2010); EFRAG Supervisory Board member (2012-2014) and EFRAG Board member (2014-2019). 

I am pleased that also in the future we will benefit from Stig’s experience and knowledge since the EFRAG General Assembly appointed him as member of the EFRAG General Assembly Nominating Committee.

I also welcome Søren Kok Olsen as new EFRAG Board member and thank him for his contribution as EFRAG TEG member during the last few years.​"​