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08/01/2019 - New EFRAG TEG composition announced

The new EFRAG TEG composition has been approved by the EFRAG Board. EFRAG TEG will welcome one new member, Isabelle Grauer-Gaynor as Silvia Dinova retires from EFRAG TEG. Five EFRAG TEG members are to be reappointed: Geert Ewalts, Günther Gebhardt, Heinz Hense, Andrew Spooner, and Ambrogio Virgilio. In due course an announcement will be made about the appointment of the EFRAG TEG Chairman.

​Andrew Watchman, current EFRAG TEG Chairman and CEO, commented on the new composition:

"On behalf of EFRAG, I would like to thank Silvia Dinova for her contribution to EFRAG TEG over the past two years and welcome Isabelle Grauer-Gaynor. Isabelle's deep knowledge and expertise will enrich the discussions. The five reappointed members are all highly valued and I greatly appreciate their continued commitment. I have every confidence that my successor inherits a well-qualified and enthusiastic EFRAG TEG that will continue to bring technical advice of the highest quality to the EFRAG Board."

For the complete pdf version of the Press Release click here.