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EFRAG/DI/FSR joint outreach event on Principles of Disclosure

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# Agenda item Start time End time Presenters Documents
  Registration and networking 13:00 13:00 Invitation and Programme-- Outreach event on PoD - Copenhagen 17-06-14.pdf
  Opening and Welcome 13:30 13:35 Jan Peter Larsen, Kristian Koktvedgaard
  Introduction to IASB Discussion Paper Disclosure Initiative - Principles of Disclosure 13:35 13:55 Mariela Isern, Arjuna Dangalla IASB presentation PoD - Denmark - 14 June 2017.pdf
  EFRAG's tentative position (Draft Comment Letters) 13:55 14:15 Andrew Watchman Principles of Disclosure - Outreach events - EFRAG presentation - Denmark.pdf
  Key Topic 1 - What is the disclosure problem? 14:15 14:45 Mariela Isern, Andrew Watchman
  Coffee break 14:45 15:15
  Key Topic 2 - Definition of the roles of the notes and placement and linkage of information in the Management Report, Annual Report or the Website 15:15 15:45 Mariela Isern, Andrew Watchman
  Key Topic 3 - Will the Discussion Paper make a difference or are we missing the key points? 15:45 16:25
  Closing remarks 16:25 16:30 Kristian Koktvedgaard, Jan Peter Larsen Summary report for outreach in Copenhagen 17-06-14.pdf
  Close 16:30 16:30