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15/06/2017 - EFRAG Annual Review 2016 now available

​Featuring recent highlights from the European voice in financial reporting, find out how EFRAG’s new leadership team has set about enhancing the organisation’s three core activities: providing upstream influence; improving IFRS; and delivering endorsement advice.

In the Annual Review 2016, EFRAG President, Jean-Paul Gauzès and EFRAG CEO and TEG Chairman, Andrew Watchman provide insight into EFRAG's priorities. A report on the 15th anniversary event profiles some key milestones on EFRAG's journey to date. The publication puts the spotlight on EFRAG's evidence-based research work and input to the IFRS standard-setting process, as well as focusing on the european public good assessment that forms part of EFRAG's endorsement activity.

Did you know that over the past 10 years EFRAG has published more than 680 documents, from exposure drafts to endorsement advice?

Find out all about it and more by clicking here to read the EFRAG Annual Review 2016.​