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22/06/2017 - Academic Workshop on Measurement in Financial Reporting

​EFRAG invites academics to join its Measurement in Financial Reporting – Challenges and Objectives workshop in Brussels on 5 September 2017, 14:00 – 18:00.

The objective of the workshop is to debate ideas on some of the main issues around measurement (e.g. uncertainty and discounting) and how these can be investigated. The structured discussions will be organised as open exchanges of views and perspectives. The input received from the academic community via the workshop will help shape EFRAG research activities going forwards.

A detailed programme for the workshop will be published later in July.

Participation in the workshop is free-of-charge and restricted to academics.

Registration is required before 16 August 2017.

Register for the event by using the 'Register to event' link below.

The full invitation to the workshop is available here.