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06/06/2017 - Better Communication - Seeing the wood for the trees: role of disclosures?

​EFRAG and the Norwegian Accounting Standards Board (NASB) present the programme of the joint outreach event on the IASB Discussion Paper Disclosure Initiative- Principles of Disclosure on Thursday 15 June 2017 (15:00 to 17:00) in Oslo, Norway.

Do not miss the opportunity to share your views and provide input to EFRAG's draft comment letter!

​The event will take place on Thursday 15 June 2017, from 15:00 to 17:00, at EY offices, Dronning Eufemias gate 6, Oslo, Norway

Click here to see the full programme.

Information to register is available on the NASB webiste.

We look forward to welcoming you: your views matter!