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30/09/2015 - EFRAG seeks your input as to what research is important for Europe

EFRAG has launched its own Proactive Agenda Consultation in parallel with the IASB's 2015 Agenda Consultation to ensure that EFRAG is allocating resources in an optimal way to research work on important topics for Europe. EFRAG is seeking constituents' views by 30 November 2015.

EFRAG proactive agenda is necessarily dependent on, and wherever possible coordinated with, the IASB Research activities on which the IASB is at present consulting. EFRAG has decided to launch its own Proactive Agenda Consultation in parallel with the IASB 2015 Agenda Consultation.

EFRAG's own consultation seeks views on the effectiveness of EFRAG's proactive work, the coordination of its proactive work with the IASB and what new proactive projects constituents believe EFRAG should undertake.

EFRAG seeks to work on activities important for Europe, aiming creating a debate in Europe and in the world with as ultimate aim influencing the IASB standard-setting activities. Therefore EFRAG highly values the contribution of its constituents to its agenda consultation as to what proactive work it should undertake.

EFRAG seeks input from its constituents by 30 November 2015. EFRAG's Proactive Agenda Consultation can be accessed here