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2015 EFRAG Proactive Agenda Consultation


Project History

EFRAG carried out a public consultation in 2010 on its proposed work programme for proactive work in Europe. EFRAG issued a feedback statement concluding that overall respondents were supportive of EFRAG's proactive work as one of its core activities. Constituents recommended to keep proactive work focused, practical and reach the widest possible audience. Based on the feedback received, EFRAG included in its agenda projects on the use of information by capital provides and IFRS in separate financial statements. 


EFRAG's 2015 Proactive Agenda Consultation

EFRAG proactive agenda is necessarily dependent on, and wherever possible coordinated with, the IASB Research activities. EFRAG has therefore decided to launch its own Proactive Agenda Consultation in parallel with the IASB 2015 Agenda Consultation. 

The consultation seeks views on the effectiveness of EFRAG's proactive work; the coordination of its proactive work with the IASB and what new proactive projects constituents believe EFRAG should undertake. EFRAG seeks to work on topics that are important for Europe, aiming to raise a debate in Europe and in the world with the objective to influence the IASB standard-setting activities.  

The EFRAG Proactive Agenda Consultation was published on 1 October with a deadline for input of 30 November.

 EFRAG published a feedback statement on the results of the consultations that can be found here.

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