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Jean-Paul Gauzes

European Lab SG Chairman

On 1 July 2016 Jean-Paul Gauzès was appointed as EFRAG Board President, nominated by the European Commission. From the establishment of the European Corporate Reporting Lab @EFRAG he is also Chair of its Steering Group.

From 2004 till 2014 Jean-Paul was a member of the European Parliament. During the whole of this period he was a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON). From 2008 till 2014 he was the Coordinator of the European People's Party (EPP) Group in ECON. He has been the rapporteur on various important dossiers including the Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (2010); the Regulation on the supervision of credit rating agencies (2010); and the Regulation on the strengthening of economic and budgetary surveillance of Member States experiencing or threatened with serious difficulties with respect to their financial stability in the euro area (2012). 

Jean-Paul is an honorary member of the Bar at the Conseil d'État and the Cour de Cassation. From 1998 till 2007 he was a member of the Executive Board and Tax and Legal Director of Dexia Crédit Local. From 1973 till 1998 he worked as a lawyer and legal counsel in France.


European Lab Steering Group (European Lab SG)

The European Corporate Reporting Lab at EFRAG (European Lab) has been established in September 2018 by EFRAG, following the call by the EC in its March Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. The European Lab's objective is to stimulate innovations in the field of corporate reporting in Europe by identifying and sharing good practices.

The European Lab has a multi-stakeholder Steering Group (the European Lab SG) and under its direction, EFRAG establishes project task forces for specific projects (European Lab PTFs). The European Lab SG is responsible for setting the agenda of the European Lab; appointing the members of the European Lab PTFs; monitoring project implementation; promoting outputs of the European Lab and mobilising networks; giving direction on external communication and review of progress of the European Lab's activities.

ESMA is an observer on the European Lab SG (Alessandro D’Eri)​.

The composition of the European Lab SG is:

Name Job title
Jean-Paul Gauzes European Lab SG Chairman
Alain Deckers European Lab SG Vice-Chairman
Hilde Blomme European Lab SG Member
Ossian Ekdahl European Lab SG Member
Simonetta Ferrari European Lab SG Member
Elisabeth Gambert European Lab SG Member
Sebastien Godinot European Lab SG Member
Filip Gregor European Lab SG Member
Imre Guba European Lab SG Member
Albert Hasselmeyer European Lab SG Member
Esko Antero Kivisaari European Lab SG Member
Arlene McCarthy European Lab SG Member
Flavia Micilotta European Lab SG Member
J.Jason Mitchell European Lab SG Member
Linda Nielsen European Lab SG Member
Nancy Kamp- Roelands European Lab SG Member
Steven Marcus Tebbe European Lab SG Member