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04/12/2020 - Invitation to nominate candidates to the EFRAG Board

​European Stakeholder Organisations and National Standard Setters are invited to nominate candidates to serve as members of the EFRAG Board from 1 May 2021. Expressions of interest are invited by 31 January 2021. New organisations joining EFRAG are also entitled to nominate candidates. 

​The EFRAG Board is approaching the end of its extended second three-year term. The composition of the EFRAG Board is therefore due to be renewed with effect from 1 May 2021. Several of the EFRAG Board members nominated by the EFRAG Member Organisations that are European Stakeholder Organisations will have served their maximum term of six years and need to be replaced.  Other members for which the term expires are eligible for reappointment.

European Stakeholder Organisations and National Standard Setters in countries that are part of EFRAG’s membership and new organisations that are joining the EFRAG membership are invited to nominate candidates. In addition, the EFRAG Board has an observer seat with speaking rights for European organisations representing private investors (“end users”) which is also up for three years rotation. These organisations are invited to nominate candidates for this observer seat. The call for candidates has been launched and is available here.

The EFRAG Board plays an essential role in the EFRAG governance structure. It is responsible for all EFRAG positions, relying on the advice provided by the EFRAG Technical Expert Group (EFRAG TEG). All draft and final documents are issued under the EFRAG Board’s authority. The EFRAG Board has to advise whether standards are conducive to the European public good and have to ensure such public good considerations are contained in EFRAG positions throughout the standard setting process.

In determining the renewed composition of the EFRAG Board, a high priority will be given to achieving a broad geographical spread and a gender balance

Expressions of interest for membership of the EFRAG Board should be send at the latest by 31 January 2021 to the attention of Jean-Paul Gauzès, Chairman of the EFRAG GA Nominating Committee, at ​