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All decisions of EFRAG are made after deliberations have taken place in a public meeting of the EFRAG Board, held either physically or by conference call. The EFRAG Board receives formal technical advice from EFRAG TEG (EFRAG Technical Expert Group) and EFRAG TEG decides on its advice in public meetings. National Standard Setters in Europe are consulted on a regular basis by EFRAG TEG in meetings of the EFRAG CFSS (Consultative Forum of Standard Setters). Meetings of the EFRAG CFSS are also held in public. EFRAG also organises public events such as outreach events with various groups of stakeholders and details of these events are available in this section. The EFRAG Board and EFRAG TEG may also hear from other groups that provide specific expertise. All these meetings are held in private. All meetings, whether public or private, are shown below in the calendar. You can click on all public meetings and have access to the agenda. Agenda papers for EFRAG Board meetings and for public events are made available also. All private meetings are shown in the calendar, however no other information is available. The calendar gives you access to both past and upcoming meetings.