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​On 13 December, the EFRAG Board decided to appoint Silvia Dinova (Grant Thornton, Bulgaria) as a new member of EFRAG TEG. The Board also reappointed Geert Ewalts, Günther Gebhardt, Heinz Hense, Andrew Spooner and Ambrogio Virgilio as EFRAG TEG members for a new term.

​The EFRAG Board is pleased to announce the new composition of the EFRAG Technical Expert Group (TEG) as per 1 April 2017. The EFRAG TEG plays a central role in providing technical advice to the EFRAG Board that is responsible for all EFRAG positions with the objective of EFRAG speaking convincingly, clearly and consistently, and be recognised as the European Voice in financial reporting. EFRAG TEG provides its own professional judgment, arguments and technical analysis based on its technical expertise and on EFRAG’s due process.

Roger Marshall, Chairman EFRAG Board Nominating Committee, welcomed the new composition of EFRAG TEG:

With the new composition of EFRAG TEG a step is taken towards a better geographical and gender balance of EFRAG TEG. Silvia Dinova and the five reappointed EFRAG TEG members will contribute to maintaining EFRAG’s well-established technical credibility and influencing the IASB’s decisions on the international scene.

Andrew Watchman EFRAG TEG Chairman commented further:

On behalf of everyone at EFRAG, I would like to express gratitude to Phil Aspin who has served as a valued member of EFRAG TEG for the last two years. Phil has shown great dedication to the work of EFRAG, and we have all benefited from his financial reporting expertise. Phil has also brought deep knowledge of the issues affecting the financial reporting of rate-regulated activities and I very glad he has agreed to continue to contribute to our work in this area. I am delighted to welcome Silvia Dinova, who will bring the Bulgarian and wider Central European point of view to the EFRAG TEG discussions.”

The full release can be viewed here.