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04/10/2016 - Reminder Call for EFRAG TEG Applicants – Contribute to European input in the IFRS process

EFRAG is calling for candidates for its Technical Expert Group (EFRAG TEG). The present mandate period of six of the sixteen EFRAG TEG members expires on 31 March 2017 and the mandate of three country liaison members expires on 30 November 2016. All existing members are eligible for reappointment.  We remind you that the call is soon closing and recommend that all candidates should submit their candidatures preferably by 7 October 2016.

EFRAG is looking for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and geographical origins and welcomes all applications EFRAG in particular seeks candidates from Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore EFRAG particularly welcomes female candidates.

Applications setting out the name and CV of a proposed candidate, should be sent preferably by 7 October 2016 by email to EFRAG for the attention of Jean-Paul Gauzes, President of the EFRAG Board, using as email address. In order to streamline the contents of the CVs submitted, the application materials include a standard CV format (appendix B). Applicants using an alternative format should ensure that it includes all the elements in the standard format.

The physical interviews will take place in Brussels in the EFRAG offices on Wednesday 9 November 2016. Candidates will be informed about their appointment before the Christmas break.

You are invited to read the full text of the call for EFRAG TEG Applicants here.