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22/07/2016 - EFRAG 15 Years Anniversary Event - Summary Report

​EFRAG is pleased to provide a summary report of its 15 Years Anniversary Event.

​Download the summary report of the EFRAG's 15 Years Anniversary Event - Moving Forward

​13.45 - 14.00Welcome speech by Andrew Watchman, EFRAG TEG Chairman
14.00 - 14.15​​Keynote speech by Matthew Baldwin, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Jonathan Hill
​14.15 - 14.35​Testing your knowledge of EFRAG after the Maystadt reform by Françoise Flores, former EFRAG (TEG) Chairman
​14.35 - 15.45

​Round-Table: Developing effect analyses for IFRS 



​16:15 - 16:40Conversation with Andrew Watchman, Stig Enevoldsen and Peter Walton - reflecting on EFRAG's past present and future
​16:40 - 17:50

​Round-Table: Financial Reporting by Small Listed Companies



​17:50 - 18:00Closing Speech by Jean-Paul Gauzès, EFRAG Board President