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General Presentation and Disclosures​

Changing the income statement – Norwegian perspectives


Online Joint Outreach event on Primary Financial Statements organised by EFRAG, NASB, NFF and the IASB.

The Norwegian Accounting Standards Board (NASB), the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (NFF), EFRAG and the IASB invite you to the webinar on the IASB Exposure Draft General Presentation and Disclosures. The focus will be on Norwegian industry and the webinar will address issues relevant to Norwegian stakeholders.

These issues will certainly be of interest to stakeholders in other countries as well, which are very welcome to attend. 

You may already register to the broadcast here​.​

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Running order

# Agenda item Start time End time Presenters Documents
1 01. Opening and welcome 10:00 10:10 Karina Vasstveit Hestås EFRAG-PFS instructions for (for audience) 17 June 2020.pdf
Webinar - NASB NFF EFRAG IASB programme - Final.pdf
Speakers Bios.pdf
Slide deck for Webinar 17 June 2020.pdf
Participants list.pdf
Summary Report - EFRAG NASB NFF IASB on PFS - 17 June 2020 - FV.pdf
2 02. Discussion by EFRAG, IASB and NASB on the different topics 10:10 12:20 Françoise Flores, Aida Vatrenjak, Chiara Del Prete, Erlend Kvaal, Teodor Sveen-Nilsen, Morten Haukaas, Kjell Ove Røsok
3 03. Closing remarks and take aways 12:20 12:30 Karina Vasstveit Hestås
4 04. End of the webinar 12:30 12:30